Charles E. Hurwitz

Charles E. Hurwitz

Charles Hurwitz is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of MAXXAM Inc.

Mr. Hurwitz is also the President and Director of Giddeon Holdings, Inc., a principal stockholder of MAXXAM Inc. which is primarily engaged in the management of investments. Mr. Hurwitz has also served on the boards of various company subsidiaries.

Born and raised in Kilgore, Texas, Mr. Hurwitz earned a B.A. from the University of Oklahoma in 1962. After graduation, he entered the securities business, became a portfolio manager and securities analyst and formed his own investment advisory firm. In 1973, he acquired Federated Development Company, then a publicly traded New York business trust. McCulloch Oil was acquired by MAXXAM Inc. in 1978 and Simplicity Pattern in 1982. A MAXXAM company acquired Pacific Lumber in 1986.  Mr. Hurwitz was instrumental in starting Texas horse racing.  In 1994, a MAXXAM subsidiary opened Sam Houston Race Park.  In 2000, a MAXXAM subsidiary acquired Valley Race Park.

A resident of Houston, Texas, Mr. Hurwitz devotes considerable time and effort to numerous philanthropic causes.

MAXXAM Inc., of which Mr. Hurwitz is Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, engages in forest products, real estate investment and development, and horse and dog racing through various subsidiaries.  It is based in Houston, TX.

Its forest products operations include growing and harvesting redwood and Douglas-fir timber and milling logs into lumber. These companies, which recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, own and manage approximately 210,000 acres of timberlands in Humboldt County along the northern California coast.

MAXXAM engages in residential and commercial real estate investment and development in Arizona, California, Texas and Puerto Rico. It operates associated golf courses or resort related facilities in certain locations. 

MAXXAM's racing operations consist of the ownership and operation of a Class 1 pari-mutuel horse racing facility in the greater Houston metropolitan area and a pari-mutuel greyhound racing facility in Harlingen, Texas.
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Charles E. Hurwitz
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